Pardot Consultant Certification: How to Pass the Exam

In August 2016 I’ve took my Pardot Consultant Certification.You can find all abut this certification on Pardot website, however this blog will briefly explain my strategy for taking the exam and my top 3 tips:

  1. Study

For me it was important to take it on my first attempt mainly because my circumstances didn’t force me to take the exam in the first place (but I really wanted to), so I’ve decided to give myself enough time for studying. I’ve studied for about 2-3 months, proximately 3-5 hours a week, in addition to the fact that I am using Pardot at work on daily basis. Before the exam, I took a day off of work to have the time to revise all my notes and to rest.

Pardot Consultant is one of the exams that I can look back on say that I really enjoyed the journey, and by journey I mean the studying part – on my long commute every day I’d ask myself what else do I want to know about Pardot today. I don’t think I had a very structured approach to my studying once I’ve covered the basics. I liked exploring the advanced topics on the Knowledge Base and occasionally googling or asking my boyfriend to for explanations.

The time you need to put into study shouldn’t be underestimated for this exam. For example my exam contained very specific scenario questions or in-depth questions about connectors that I haven’t used yet. The Knowledge Base contains a great amount of information, I have every single article a quick read and started to pull out the key information which is usually contained by the Notes section at the bottom of the article. The great think about the Knowledge Base is that once you’ve done “enough” reading you feel like it all makes sense in your head, understanding that everything makes sense feels great. Another reason I liked about studying based on the Knowledge Base is that I’ve learned a lot! From connectors to email deliverability, from IP address whitelisting to defining personas – Pardot goes into great detail, and it offered me the opportunity to use this studying period to enrich my knowledge about martech in general.

2. Practice

I used Pardot for about 6 months now, and I’d say that I covered the basics and have also done some work on connectors and advanced database segmentation and drip campaigns. The practice part is important mainly because I think it makes the study so much easier. With Pardot, like with any other marketing automation platform, is not only about understanding it, it’s about applying it, putting it to great work.

When studying you might have some questions, but when you work on implementing it, that’s when you really start to understand that sometimes there are many ways of achieving the result, however other times you need to follow a specific scenario.

3. Resources

In addition to Knowledge Base, I looked around for solutions to see what is there available for studying. These shared documents provide a great framework: Pardot Specialist Certification Study Notes and Pardot Consultant Certification Study Notes. Although I was studying for the Consultant certification, I decided to quickly read all that the specialist certification has to offer – it was of great help because it was easier to consolidate the basis instead of jumping unto advanced topics.

Also, to exercise the exam format, I’ve used these resources: Salesforce Pardot Consultant Certification flashcards and this Pardot Certified Consultant Practice Test. I don’t remember seeing many of these questions into my exam, but I’m sure it helped me getting used to the format and exam structure.


Taking the Pardot Consultant Certification has been a great experience. The only thing I wish Pardot would make available is the percentage the the questions that have been marked incorrectly – I think it would be great to have a feedback loop in addition to the pass result. However, I’m planning to compensate with the fact that during the study I make a list of cool Pardot topics that I’d like to blog about and do more research on. So, more Pardot blogs coming soon!

If you are planning to take the Pardot Consultant Certification exam, I wish you a great journey!

Pardot Consultant Certification


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