Sharpening Your Inbound Skills with the HubSpot Certification

Being a big fan of Inbound Marketing, I knew that Marketing Certifications from HubSpot were on my TBC (To Be Conquered) list. So, I’ve decided to take one certification at a time. I passed the Inbound Certification (free and open to everyone) a few years ago, but recently I had my eyes on the HubSpot Certification. This certification is open to HubSpot customers only and it encompasses a combination of inbound practices with an in-depth knowledge of the HubSpot software. See below a brief description provided by HubSpot.

HubSpot has a lot of moving parts. We designed this two-part customer certification to prepare you for and to test you on having a working knowledge of HubSpot and inbound best practices. In this certification, you’ll not just learn how to use the tool. You’ll learn why you’re using it and how it fits in to the inbound methodology. After passing your test, you’ll be given action items to complete in our certification practicum. Once you pass both the test and practicum, you’ll be fully HubSpot certified.


Note: This certification is open to all HubSpot customers.
Want to become proficient in the HubSpot software and to showcase tangible inbound results? This is the certification for you.

My next step is taking the HubSpot Design Certification, which I should attemp to take only after a comprehensive review of my HTML and CSS skills. Meanwhile, let me tell you a bit more about the HubSpot Certification.

The HubSpot certification is made up of 17 introductory training classes (study guides, ebooks, blogs, downloadable slides, on-demand class videos, live Labs). To take this certification you need to pass Part One and Part Two.

Part One provides great free resources. To pass it you will have 120 minutes to answer 90 multiple choice and true/false questions – a passing score is 75%. The time flies, mainly because some of the questions are really long, so take your time to actually understand the case study presented. As with any exam, it’s important to make sure that you have ‘your planets aligned’ to achieve your top performance. I prefer a quite room, plenty of water and my exam notes. The results will just state your % and no other feedback is given.

The final step in earning this certification is to pass Part Two – a practical which consists of 17 items to demonstrate in your portal. This is an interesting one because you get to select 11 from the 17 such items to showcase your practical inbound skills. Of course, it would be great to actually get a qualitative feedback from HubSpot, maybe broken down based on the performance of each item with suggestions for optimisation, but currently this is not something they provide as part of the examination process.

See below my top 3 tips to help you ace this certification!

Tip #1

Consider taking the Inbound Certification first. It will provide you with a good induction into the principles of Inbound Methodology and a better understanding of the best practices.

Tip #2

Get to explore the practical bits and pieces of the software. HubSpot is a complex software, it may be intuitive and easy to use, but still it’s huge! So, explore it! Get to know the features and functionalities that you won’t normally use on your daily basis. You may be surprised how much it will simplify your work and how much sense it makes all of them brought together.

Tip #3

If HubSpot said ‘it’s highly recommended‘, then you should read as ‘I’ll make sure I read, understand and make notes on this‘. HubSpot is recommending that you also complete all “next steps” associated with each class – I was surprised to see how many exam questions have been covered in these sections. So, take notes, read them and when needed during the exam use the CTRL+F navigation function in your notes, but be aware of the time, try to limit each question to 1 minute.

Taking the HubSpot Certification certainty could help you become more aware of the complexity and the benefits of this software, you can find benchmarking opportunities by following their case studies, their blogs present in-depth industry insights, you can discover a great emphasis on the importance of design and presentation, but always remembering that content is king, a king who provides value, not interruption.

The HubSpot brand shines bright throughout the exam materials; moreover, their videos are full of smiley and enthusiastic employees who are on a mission to help you attract -> convert-> close->delight, so I would say that you only have to gain from taking the HubSpot Certification. Click here to see their courses list.

I wish you good luck! Once you pass the exam, you also get a badge like the one I have below, which you can embed on your website, LinkedIn profile, in your email signature etc.

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