ToFu, MoFu & BoFu (or How Should I Water My Flowers)

ToFu, MoFu and BoFu may refer to various things, but in this blog I am going to explain these terms simply as: TOFU – top of the funnel MOFU – middle of the funnel BOFU – bottom of the funnel Watering flowers is my favourite analogy to describing and explaining the importance of ToFu, MoFu

Sharpening Your Inbound Skills with the HubSpot Certification

Being a big fan of Inbound Marketing, I knew that Marketing Certifications from HubSpot were on my TBC (To Be Conquered) list. So, I’ve decided to take one certification at a time. I passed the Inbound Certification (free and open to everyone) a few years ago, but recently I had my eyes on the HubSpot

About Social Media, Edited Lives and The Illusion of Belonging

The need to belong and social media I have friends and ‘friends’ on social media. So many of my friends are very different from each other. I’m friends with the constant attention seeker, lonely guy, with the ‘check my new acquisitions’ guy, the ‘check out my new hair colour and tell me I look great’